Monday, November 10, 2008

No one is coming

It's my 32nd birthday today.

We had some family over beforehand for birthday celebrations, as I will be working with our parish council this evening.  And this is what my daughter, Susannah, wrote on my birthday card this morning:
Dear Daddy, happy birthday! We have some cake left over from last night. No one is coming for your birthday. Love, Susannah.


Julian said...


You've made a huge difference in my life Mike!

byron smith said...

Yep, you're raising some emotionally intelligent little girls there...

gaz said...

that is brilliant Mike!! your kids are gems!

oh, and sorry I forgot your birthday. if you'd told me, i would have come round, or at least called in at your office. Hope you had a great birthday champ :)

cya at SPRTE